Progress of History

Article by Surjeet Singh Imperialism has no place more to go, no place more to expand, most importantly, it does not have a structural response left anymore to carry out a considerable centralization of capital. It can create a financial bubble here or there, it can temporarily make use of a Modi in India, Milei in Argentina, but it does not have a structural response left anymore, except for one, WARS!!!

Aktionsbericht “Hände weg vom Jemen”

Wir waren auf der Straße gegen den deutschen Kriegseinsatz im Jemen! Hier dokumentieren wir die Eindrücke und veröffentlichen unsere Reden.

Repression against Palestine solidarity – Interview with Zaid Abdulnasser

Samidoun was banned on November 2. Activists are threatened with deportation. Freedom of expression and freedom of assembly are massively restricted. Zaid Abdulnasser - a former member of Samidoun - talks in detail about the fierce repression in Germany, the Samidoun network, anti-Semitism, the so-called two-state solution, the significance of October 7 and the tasks of Palestine solidarity in Germany.

Let's learn from our pioneers

At the height of the times, in connection with our tradition, we want to pave the way to socialism.