Grußwort von Alexej Albu (Borotba) zum Antikriegstag – Greeting by Alexey Albu (Borotba) for the International Day of Peace

Zum diesjährigen Weltfriedenstag hat uns der Genosse Alexej Albu ein Grußwort aus dem Donbas an die deutsche kommunistische und Friedensbewegung geschickt. On the occasion of this year's International Day of Peace, Comrade Alexey Albu sent us a greeting from Donbas to the German communist and Peace Movement.

Hände weg von Niger! Westen raus aus dem Sahel! Hands off Niger! West get out of the Sahel!

Frankreichs neokoloniale Vormachtstellung in Westafrika bröckelt weiter – und mit ihr die des gesamten Westens. Eine hoffnungsvolle Entwicklung für die Völker Afrikas, die verteidigt und konsequent fortgeführt werden muss! France's neocolonial supremacy in West Africa continues to erode – and with it that of the entire West. A hopeful development for the peoples of Africa, which must be defended and consistently continued!

Podcast #37 – New Communist Party of Yugoslavia on NATO’s Role in the Balkans

For our latest episode we talked to Aleksandar Djenic from the "New Communist Party of Yugoslavia" about the historical development of the states of the former Yugoslavia and about the war in Ukraine.

Podcast #36 – The Socialist Movement of Ghana

Our guest, Kyeretwie Opoku, from the Socialist Movement of Ghana describes the evolution of US-Imperialism as a dominant power in Ghana, speaks on the impact of China on the African continent and the current tide of class struggle in western Africa.

Justice for Nahel: The intifada of the popular neighborhoods in France

We document here the joint statement of the comrades of Collectif Palestine Vaincra, Samidoun Paris Banlieue and Masar Badil on the current protests in France. The colonial continuity of racist violence mentioned in this text cannot be emphasised enough.

Urgent: Stop the Assassination of the Anti-fascists Kononovich by the Zelensky Regime

The Kononovich brothers are under house arrest in Ukraine. Now they are under threat of assassination. Go to the Ukrainian consulates and protest against the planned murder!

IF DDR: Dossier on the 70th Anniversary of 17 June 1953

On the 70th anniversary of the attempted coup in the GDR on 17 June 1953, we share here a dossier from the International Research Centre GDR (IF DDR). The articles listed there expose the West's lies about the events and shed light on the actual background of the developments.

!دعوا صامدون والجبهة الشعبيةوشأنهما – Hands off Samidoun and PFLP!

Stop the propaganda against Palestinians – solidarity with the Palestinian liberation movement! Stop the criminalisation of resistance: abolish terror lists! Remove the paragraphs 129 a and b!

Podcast #35 – Communist Party of Kenya on Neocolonialism and Imperialism

Our guest Booker Omole the national vice president from the Communist party of Kenya talks about the neocolonial system that developed after the formal independence of Kenia in 1963 and that is still shaping the political reality today.

!ضد قمع العمل الفلسطيني في ألمانيا – Gegen die antipalästinensische Repression in Deutschland! – Against the attacks on Palestine organizing in Germany!

دولية نلبي نداء شبكة صامدون للتضامن مع الأسرى الفلسطينيين Wir unterstützen den Aufruf des Palästinensischen Gefangenen Solidaritätsnetzwerkes Samidoun. We support the call of the Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network