Germany and Europe are gearing up for major wars

Article by Max as contribution to Itikadi, magazine of the Communist Party of Kenya (CPK) Thoughts on the role of German imperialism in NATO's war against Russia and, in particular, its relationship with the US.

Progress of History

Article by Surjeet Singh Imperialism has no place more to go, no place more to expand, most importantly, it does not have a structural response left anymore to carry out a considerable centralization of capital. It can create a financial bubble here or there, it can temporarily make use of a Modi in India, Milei in Argentina, but it does not have a structural response left anymore, except for one, WARS!!!

Aktionsbericht “Hände weg vom Jemen”

Wir waren auf der Straße gegen den deutschen Kriegseinsatz im Jemen! Hier dokumentieren wir die Eindrücke und veröffentlichen unsere Reden.

Solidarität mit Dar al Janub!/Solidarity with Dar al Janub!

Wir teilen hier die Erklärung des österreichischen Vereins Dar al Janub, der von Repression betroffen ist. In der Erklärung wird nachgezeichnet, wie antimuslimischer Rassismus immer mehr Aufwind bekam in Österreich, die Repression gegen Palästinasolidarität voranschritt, wie dabei der Antisemitismusbegriff verfälscht und instrumentalisiert wird und wie das mit der fehlenden Entnazifizierung Österreichs zusammenhängt. Wir haben die Erklärung auch auf Deutsch übersetzt. We share the statement of the Austrian association Dar al Janub, which is affected by repression. The statement traces how anti-Muslim racism has become increasingly prevalent in Austria, how repression against Palestine solidarity has progressed, how the concept of anti-Semitism has been distorted and instrumentalized and how this is linked to Austria's lack of denazification. We have also translated the declaration into German.

ICJ rules: Israel to be tried for genocide against Palestinians

The judgment of the International Court of Justice is a victory of the Global South against the genocidal policies of the West. The imperialist master race attitude of the Western states finds this fact alone outrageous and tries to ignore and deny it! The text explains the details of the verdict and shows the cover-up by the Western media.

Repression against Palestine solidarity – Interview with Zaid Abdulnasser

Samidoun was banned on November 2. Activists are threatened with deportation. Freedom of expression and freedom of assembly are massively restricted. Zaid Abdulnasser - a former member of Samidoun - talks in detail about the fierce repression in Germany, the Samidoun network, anti-Semitism, the so-called two-state solution, the significance of October 7 and the tasks of Palestine solidarity in Germany.

Impressions of the Communism Congress 2023

Audio recordings of the Communism Congress 2023 online! With almost 300 guests from the German communist movement and 22 speakers, including from Russia, Palestine, Greece, China, South Korea and Great Britain, we had controversial discussions on questions of anti-imperialism, the connection between national liberation and international class struggle. Read our report on the congress and listen to the lectures!

Resolution des Kommunismus Kongresses 2023/Communism Congress 2023

Volle Solidarität mit dem Widerstand Palästinas! Solidarität mit dem antifaschistischen Kampf in der Ukraine! Stärkt den gemeinsamen Kampf gegen die NATO! Full solidarity with the Palestinian resistance! Solidarity with the anti-fascist struggle in Ukraine! Strengthen the common fight against NATO!

Steht auf gegen das Verbot von Samidoun! Schande über den Verrat der „Roten Hilfe“ / Stand up against the ban on Samidoun! Shame on...

Samidoun soll verboten werden! Die Rote Hilfe fällt der Palästina-Solidarität in den Rücken! Widerstand gegen Besatzung und Kolonialismus ist kein Terror! Gegen das Betätigungsverbot von Hamas und das Verbot der PFLP!

Podcast #40 – Tings Chak on the development and contradictions of China

We asked Tings why China is not just another rising capitalist country and about the role of China in the fight for national liberation and sovereignty in the global South.