Statement by the Palestinian Communist Party on Land Day – Evaluation of the Al-Aqsa Flood

We have documented here the statement published by the Palestinian Communist Party (PalCP) about one month ago. In it, it makes an assessment of the Al-Aqsa flood that we consider valuable for the debates in the German communist and Palestine solidarity movement.

Oh you masses of our fighting Palestinian people, oh you children of our people ready to fight: the anniversary of the immortal Day of the Land is upon us, and the masses of our Palestinian Arab people are still writing the epic of steadfastness and sacrifice.

Here is Gaza, patient and steadfast. And it proves to the whole world that the Palestinians’ relationship with their land is a relationship of flesh, blood and bone; inseparable from the struggle for life and survival, the struggle of the people against the fascists of our time and the tyrannical occupiers. The battle of the Al-Aqsa flood put the compass back on the right course in relation to the occupier. It proved at the same time that this occupying entity is merely a functional tool, an investment project and a watchdog for the West’s interests and ambitions in our Arab world. This struggle has shown the world the nature of this hybrid occupier and revealed that global imperialism is the center of evil in the whole world. It also revealed the extent of the crisis of the ruling regimes in the Arab world, which are breathing down the necks of their oppressed people.

This struggle has made the Palestinians realise that their eradication from this land is the goal and that existence not borders are at stakes of the fight. It has shown that there is no language that the enemy understands except the language of violence, and that all strategies for peace and negotiations with this fascist enemy depend on the strength and steadfastness of the resistance.

Oh sons of our people in defiant Gaza, oh you victorious brigades in the West Bank, oh sons of our people in the occupied interior and in the diaspora: the epic battle that our steadfast people are currently fighting in their struggle for survival (the Al-Aqsa flood) was a turning point, despite the terrible sacrifices of the past six months. We speak of a turning point because the reality has noticeably changed. Several things together marked the beginning of the end of the Zionist Palestine project. The most important of these are:

1. The reputation of the enemy’s army was destroyed; it was humiliated and the image of the invincible army was eliminated.

2. The enemy’s blitzkrieg strategy, as it had carried it out in the past against the Arab countries, failed.

3. The enemy was no longer able to keep the fighting outside its territorial borders. Instead, it took place inside the [1948] occupied territories, thus jeopardising the personal security of all settlers. This in turn revealed the fragility of their connection to this land. At the same time, it revealed the deep rootedness of Palestinian identity and life in their land, soil and homeland.

4. Panic has spread among the ruling Arab puppet regimes and the American and European imperialists behind them, at the realisation that the battle of the Al-Aqsa flood may be the impetus that unleashes the potentials and capabilities of the Arab peoples against the Axis of Evil and its spearhead, the State of the Occupiers in Palestine.

5. The fruitlessness of the path of reconciliation with all its implications and consequences has been proven. The Al-Aqsa flood represented a revolutionary upheaval against everything that American imperialism and its guard dog have planted in the Arab and global consciousness. Their evil plans for the region and the world were exposed.

6. The flood has proven that victory is possible, even if the sacrifices are great. It has paved the way for this victory and redemption.

7. It has proven the fragility of the entity and revealed that, with all its political, social and economic components, it is weaker than a spider’s web.

8. This struggle has shown that the Axis of Resistance approach is capable of bringing about change, even if this capability is still weak at present.

Oh masses of our people and honorable people of the world: The blood of our people is being spilled and their bones are being crushed in the dirtiest war of annihilation by imperialism and its supporters. But our people are standing firm against it. They will not succeed in this era, and the attempt of American imperialism and the entity regime to repeat the Palestinian Nakba of 1948 will be doomed to failure forever. The free people of the world and their progressive and revolutionary forces today will not allow the fate of our people in Gaza to be displacement and ethnic cleansing.

We were born on this land. We will die here and we will live here. And with the bullet of every resistance fighter and with the voice of every free person, the voice of Palestinian youth will be heard every morning: We are here to stay.

Long live the memory of the Day of the Land!

Honor and immortality to the murdered innocents of our people!

Speedy recovery to the wounded!

Freedom to the prisoners of the struggle for freedom!

Glory to the resistance of our Palestinian-Arab people!

Curse and shame to all normalizers!

Palestinian Communist Party, 30.03.2024


Palästina-Solidarität-Duisburg verboten!

Heute Morgen wurde „Palästina Solidarität Duisburg“ vom NRW-Innenministerium verboten und Wohnungen durchsucht. Das Verbot wird damit begründet, dass der Verein sich gegen den „Gedanken der Völkerverständigung“ richte. Eine völlig absurde Verdrehung der Tatsachen: Palästina-Solidarität Duisburg steht für internationale Solidarität und für den Kampf gegen Kolonialismus. Der deutsche Staat unterstützt den Genozid in Gaza und den Besatzungsterror – er richtet sich gegen Völkerverständigung und Frieden! Das Verbot ist ein weiterer Schlag gegen die Grundrechte in Deutschland. Die Vereinigungsfreiheit wurde bereits mit dem Verbot von Samidoun angegriffen. Wir rufen alle demokratischen Menschen und Organisationen auf, sich aktiv gegen das Verbot einzusetzen. Solidarität mit unseren Genossen von Palästina Solidarität Duisburg!

Veranstaltungsankündigung: Der antifaschistische Kampf in der Ukraine – Vortrag und Diskussion mit Alexej Albu

📆 26. Mai 2024, 18 Uhr, via zoom (Link auf Anfrage) mit Alexej Albu Die Veranstaltung findet auf Englisch statt. Den zoom-Link verschicken wir auf Anfrage 📧 an info@kommunistische-organisation.de.