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Podcast #31 – Harpal Brar on Imperialism in the 21st century and the War in Ukraine

We spoke with Harpal Brar of the CPGB-ML about the theory of imperialism, NATO’s current aggressions, and the task and demands of anti-imperialist politics. Harpal Brar is the founding chairman of CPGB-ML and author of numerous books. In German, his books “Imperialismus im 21. Jahrhundert – Sozialismus oder Barbarei” (2001) and “Perestrojka – Der vollständige Zusammenbruch des Revisionismus” (2002) have been published. The CPGB-ML is part of the international association “The World Anti-Imperialist Platfrom”, which has set itself the task of correctly characterizing the current war in Ukraine as well as the upcoming war in Taiwan and to work on a scientific assessment.

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