Together against the rehabilitation of fascism!

Statement on 9 November 2023

100 years after the failed Hitler putsch and 85 years after the Reichspogromnacht, Germany has supposedly democratically overcome its fascist past and can therefore once again “show responsibility in the world” by supporting a genocide.

Genocide in the name of the Holocaust

From the first day of the Bonn Republic, the successor state to Hitler’s Germany, the ruling class worked to turn the lesson of 12 years of the blackest reaction “Never again war and fascism” into its opposite. With the “turn of an era” (“Zeitenwende”) propagated today, German imperialism has launched a major ideological attack that goes beyond the dismantling of anti-fascism and has gone over to openly rehabilitating fascism. 100 years after the Hitler putsch and 85 years after the Reichspogromnacht, the key word givers of German great power ambitions have succeeded in developing a justification ideology for the next attempt at militarism and reaction from so-called German remembrance culture.

The systematic mass murder of millions of Jews has been part of the standard repertoire of German war propaganda since the invasion of Serbia in 1999 at the latest. It is used to beat the war drum for new campaigns and genocides – in the name of “democracy and freedom”. In this way, the Holocaust is relativised and instrumentalised for the implementation of German war policy.

While German and Israeli fighter jets thunder over Dachau to commemorate the Holocaust, the next genocide in Gaza is being supported in the name of this genocide. Disinhibited from any restraint, the annihilation of Palestinian resistance is invoked. Jews around the world who oppose the instrumentalisation of the Holocaust as a justification for ongoing crimes against the Palestinian population are being attacked and defamed. When it comes to the latest large-scale colonial crime in the 21st century, Germany knows no parties[1]. In the name of the Holocaust, genocide is once again German raison d’état.

Jews were declared non-Germans and destroyed or instrumentalised

Zionism, which originated as a European colonial project, went hand in hand with the expulsion of the Jews from Europe. Today, it is celebrated as the appropriate response to the crimes of Hitler’s Germany. Yet this is where the true ugly face of anti-Semitism is revealed. The terrible fate of the Jews was exploited for imperialist superpower interests in the Middle East after the failure to destroy the Soviet Union. The lack of prospects for thousands of Jews was exploited to lock them up in internment camps and deport them to Palestine, where the Zionist movement was already preparing the next ethnic cleansing and carrying it out with the help of the imperialist centres. Anti-Semitism thus found a new practical opportunity in Zionism: in the name of a Jewish state as a safe haven against anti-Semitism, the denaturalisation of Germans of Jewish faith was put into practice – and this directly after the defeat of German fascism.

It is this colonial movement that Germany unconditionally supports in the genocide of the Palestinians committed by this colonial movement in the name of democratically overcoming its genocide against the Jews.  

Export hit fascism

It is not only the redemption of German imperialism from its criminal history that is part of the turning point. Support for fascist regimes is also becoming indispensable for maintaining the hegemony of Germany and its Western allies in the face of growing anti-imperialist movements in the world. Ukraine and Israel, as battering rams of imperialism in Eastern Europe and the Arab world, rule through the support of Western finance capital with openly fascist methods.

In countries where there is a struggle for national liberation or where further economic and military expansion is not possible, resorting to fascist forms of rule is a tried and tested means of imperialism.

The historical support for Stepan Bandera in Ukraine and Meir Kahane’s pro-Zionist racial ideology is still paying off today. The fascist movements built up at that time were deliberately developed into state-supporting elements in order to break the anti-imperialist resistance in Palestine and the Donbass. To this end, they are also financed and armed from Berlin, their inhuman attitudes are whitewashed and presented to the public as saviours of democracy.

Western arrogance of values – the womb is still fertile

The Western community of values is moving closer together to form a liberal national community, using blunt fascist rhetoric in the process. The response to the struggles of the oppressed peoples is an arrogant and racist ideology of the master race, which paints a picture of uncivilised barbarians with a penchant for violence. At the same time, the goal of military dominance and the firm stranglehold of German imperialism in the regions is disguised as a progressive commitment to minorities and women’s rights. Propagandistically, left-liberal individualism and fascist chauvinism go hand in hand. A culture war sparked by those in power serves xenophobic agitation and war propaganda.

Then as now: Fight imperialist German-Europe!

On its way back to its former strength, Germany is rehabilitating fascism and supporting it unconditionally on the front lines of German Europe’s imperialist policy. This goes hand in hand with the complete distortion and defamation of the historical crimes of German fascism in favour of intensified ideological preparations for war.

Fight the decomposition and softening of anti-fascism! Never again fascism and war! Together against the rehabilitation of fascism!

[1] Wilhelm II, German Emperor said in the Reichstag when he started World War I that he only knows Germans and no more different parties – happy to see the consent of the Social Democrats to war credits.


Israels Propagandasystem und dessen Auswirkungen

Dieser Artikel widmet sich der Bedeutung des medialen Propagandakrieges, sowie der Funktion der israelischen Propaganda. Martha Stern nimmt dafür auch die Entstehung und Narrative der israelischen Propaganda in den Blick. Bei Artikeln handelt es sich nicht zwangsläufig um Positionen der Kommunistischen Organisation.

Demokratie auf den Lippen und Maschinengewehr im Anschlag

Zum 75. Jahrestag der Verabschiedung des Grundgesetzes veröffentlichen wir einen kurzen Kommentar und spiegeln einen in der UZ erschienen Artikel von Ralf Hohmann zur Vorbereitung eines Kriegsrechts in Deutschland. -- Die Kontinuität von Faschisten im Staatsapparat, der Justiz und Wirtschaft bestand nicht allein personell, sondern auch politisch. Die imperialistischen Ambitionen und der reaktionäre Geist waren nie erloschen, die Macht des deutschen Finanzkapitals nie gebrochen. Sie treiben Deutschland auch heute zum Krieg.