Urgent: Stop the Assassination of the Anti-fascists Kononovich by the Zelensky Regime

Urgent Appeal of the Anti-fascists Kononovich from Ukraine: Stop our Murder!

The Kononovich brothers are under house arrest in Ukraine. Now they are under threat of assassination. Go to the Ukrainian consulates and protest against the planned murder!

“We, the Kononovich brothers, are Ukrainian communists and anti-fascists. We appeal to the World Federation of Democratic Youth, to communists, to all leftists and anti-fascists of Europe and the world!

We point out in all clarity that the Zelensky regime is preparing our assassination. The regime has publicly and repeatedly warned us of our assassination through the current policeman Yevgen Kravchuk. The policeman wrote calls for murder on “Facebook” and actively spread our home address – knowing full well that we are under house arrest and have nowhere to go, so we are trapped.

A police officer on duty can only make such statements and calls in public if the authority of the state allows him to do so. They officially place us outside the law and make it clear that no one will be punished for killing us. This is the practice of Nazi Germany in the 1930s, when communists and anti-fascists were outlawed. The Zelensky regime wants to make an example by executing us.

Comrades, please go as a protest to the embassies and consulates of Ukraine, the representations of the European Union and the OSCE, as well as other authorities and international organizations, to hold vigils – demanding that the Ukrainian authorities ‘not allow the murder of the anti-fascists Kononovich’. Please support us and do not allow our assassination by the Zelensky regime.”

Free the Kononovich brothers!

Struggle against NATO and Ukrainian fascism!

Struggle against German imperialism!


Gemeinsamer Aufruf: Freiheit für Palästina! Demokratie für Deutschland!

Verschiedene politische Parteien, Organisationen und Gruppen haben einen gemeinsamen Aufruf formuliert, der sich gegen den Völkermord in Palästina, gegen die deutsche Kriegspolitik und gegen die Einschränkung demokratischer Rechte in Deutschland wendet. Er ist ein wichtiges Zeichen für einen gemeinsamen Kampf für internationale Solidarität und für Demokratie.

Leipzig: Aktuelle Stunde zu Kuba

Datum: 19.12.23 Zeit: 19 Uhr Ort: Auf Anfrage bei leipzig@kommunistische-organisation.de