Impressions of the Communism Congress 2023

Audio recordings of the Communism Congress 2023 online! With almost 300 guests from the German communist movement and 22 speakers, including from Russia, Palestine, Greece, China, South Korea and Great Britain, we had controversial discussions on questions of anti-imperialism, the connection between national liberation and international class struggle. Read our report on the congress and listen to the lectures!

Hände weg von Niger! Westen raus aus dem Sahel! Hands off Niger! West get out of the Sahel!

Frankreichs neokoloniale Vormachtstellung in Westafrika bröckelt weiter – und mit ihr die des gesamten Westens. Eine hoffnungsvolle Entwicklung für die Völker Afrikas, die verteidigt und konsequent fortgeführt werden muss! France's neocolonial supremacy in West Africa continues to erode – and with it that of the entire West. A hopeful development for the peoples of Africa, which must be defended and consistently continued!

Podcast #36 – The Socialist Movement of Ghana

Our guest, Kyeretwie Opoku, from the Socialist Movement of Ghana describes the evolution of US-Imperialism as a dominant power in Ghana, speaks on the impact of China on the African continent and the current tide of class struggle in western Africa.